Sohight & Cheevy – Winter Minimix (2014)

The brand new minimix by Sohight & Cheevy – awesome work and range of tracks inside.

That’s what Sohight & Cheevy say about their Winter minimix:

“Our minimix appears as a superhero. Only when it realizes that someone is in trouble and needs to rush to the rescue. Hope we can bring to you funky christmas mood.

Addicted to positive vibe, sincerely yours.


Listen & Enjoy!!!


1. S&C – Jingle
2. Coucheron – Honky Donk ft. RebMoe
3. James Curd Feat. Yeah Boy – Let’s Bounce
4. Karma Kid – Bird Of Prey
5. Wayward – Hurricane ft. Michele Chiavarini
6. Lucy Pearl – Don’t Mess With My Man (LeMarquis Remix)
7. Charli XCX – Boom Clap (Aeroplane remix)
8. Karmin – I Want It All (Mattanoll Remix)
9. Lenparrot – Les Yeux En Cavale (Quarles Remix)
10. Crystal Fighters – Love Alight (Jean Tonique Remix)
11. Blende feat. Gustaph – Running (Knight One Remix)
12. Gramatik – Get A Grip feat Gibbz (Daze remix)
13. Mariah Carey – Emotions (LBCK Remix)
14. Empire Of The Sun – Alive (Gold Fields Remix)
15. MJ – You Rock My World (Pakem Edition)
16. Janet Jackson – Love Will Never Do (Kource Remix)
17. Pomo – How I Feel
18. Ouranos – Tea Time (Pakem Remix)
19. Mø – Don’t Wanna Dance (Darius Remix)
20. Jai Paul – Str8 Outta Mumbai

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Sohight & Cheevy – the duo of music producer Sohight (Yaroslav Kirillov) and songwriter-vocalist Cheevy (Zmitrek Zhukovsky).
Energetic, bright melodies woven together with an underlying message of love and kindness are the basis of the duo’s music, representing a wave of modern nu-disco from the burgeoning New Wave scene. Based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.