New Remix by Sohight & Cheevy

When hip-hop turns funky disco.

We divide all music by one principle only: will you shake your head or not . If you will highlight the role of music as a whole , the most important – to make you move with rhythm and feel the vibe. So you’re listening to RZA, de – facto head of Wu-Tang Clan, collaborating with Irfane, Outlines vocalist. Irfane appeared in most tracks Breakbot, including all of your favorite Baby I’m Yours. We have the idea that most likely it was a great and interesting experience for both sides. When modern pop band , in the best sense of the word, making hip-hop track and welcomes back a legend of our generation in this genre.

We’ll never know, would RZA agree to participate in the track, if the group would have written the same track in more common style for Irfane. But it’s not necessary. We have done everything ourselves and offer you to think out the story.

Introducing our new remix, which is designed for head shaking. As any other good music, no matter what genre it is.


Новый ремикс от Sohight & Cheevy.