Freewheeling Skateboard Video : Russia

The New Skateboard video “Freewheeling” filmed by Vlad Timofeev, Russia. 

Vlad Timofeev has been working on this video for the last 4 years.

His message in this video is “What I want you, the viewer, to see, that skateboarding is fun and it doesn’t matter if you are in a Chinese megapolis, or in a small Russian town, it’s good everywhere. It’s about landed tricks and all the happines that comes with it, friends, the atmosphere, making something together, skating some random thing or going for a session with everyone, beers after skating, or sometimes before, freedom, freewheeling.”

Awesome video, check it out!

Новое скейтборд видео “Freewheeling” от Влада Тимофеева.