Campaign Pirosmani by Jenya Malygina SS14

Pirosmani, as Saint Petersburg is out of time, fashion and other bourgeois laws of the universe. Creations of the real artist, Pirosmani clothes enrapture like works of art, they are invented, cut and sewn not for museum storerooms but for lively, talented people who value comfort as much as the original design. The most extravagant Pirosmani piece of clothing — the true art object, is ergonomic, light, natural. Sharp forms softened by draperies, pliable stockinet often “argue” with coarse rumpled leather, plain fabrics with textured “torn” fabrics, explicit samples are combined with volume and reserved ones.

The complex cut decorates and makes life easy: most of Pirosmani clothes are equally appropriate at the office, at social events and informal party.

Evgeniya Malygina — founder and head designer of Pirosmani — since 1999 creates small pret-a-porter collections for the world with a such energy that is enough for the whole universe. The concept ANTIPODIUM:”no fashion, no trends, no season” is the basis of the fashion house.

Pirosmani один из самых ярких и загадочных брендов Петербурга. В стиле Pirosmani сложные асимметричные формы, изящные драпировки, а также острый европейский и свободный восточный крой.