Wearerussians.com (also known as Wearerussians Records & Wearerussians.com Records) is an independent record label based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia & digital magazine covering the music, the fashion, the art and the lifestyle of Russia .

Wearerussians.com founded by the St.Petersburg based dj & producer Johanssen in 2012. It was established to showcase the new electronic music scene in Russia. Focusing on house, techno, nu-disco and other forms of quality electronic music.

Wearerussians.com has set out to introduce talented Russian electronic music producers to the whole World. We are glad to represent the forward thinking Russian electronic music scene to all the music lovers worldwide.

Wearerussians.com Artists
cosmonaut grechko, Folano, Gmorozov, Hot Hot Hawk, Johanssen, Lamet, Lovinsky, Moskva-Kassiopeya, Night of Scales, Ovrkl, Phalanxes of fingers, Quasars, SERJ V, Sohight & Cheevy, The Frost, The Pantheons, The Villars, Valotihkuu, Voyager, Ziroberto

For proposals, questions, cooperation, label related questions, advertising and news please mail us at label // @ // wearerussians.com

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